firm values 

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respect, teamwork, commitment, client service and professional excellence

McMillan completed a process of designing and announcing its Firm Values. In so doing, McMillan joined a growing number of domestic and international businesses that recognize the importance of clearly defined, uniformly embraced values to steer the organization to sustained quality and excellence and foster a positive work environment.

what we mean by firm values

In fashioning our core values, we defined values as strongly held, emotionally charged beliefs that are highly resistant to change. Our values were designed to be succinct statements that everyone in the firm, regardless of position, agrees to live by and against which the performance of all members will be measured. Firm members must engage in a group of behaviours associated with each value to demonstrate commitment to the value.

Intended as guideposts for the firm, our values represent what we regard as fundamental to our organization's life as we move forward to achieve our goals. Although our goals may change over time, our values will remain constant. They will guide us when we face tough decisions and confront difficult choices. And, they will help us determine how to best allocate resources and identify the best individuals to accomplish our objectives.

what our firm values will accomplish

By committing to our values, we make a major investment in our long-term future. Articulating and living our core firm values helps us achieve new levels in the service we provide our clients and the quality of our workplace. With our values as our anchor, we anticipate further advancement in these areas.

By living our values, we will continuously foster a work environment dedicated to enhancing our skills and our level of professional excellence. This, in turn, will ensure that we remain highly responsive to our clients' needs. Our values will also help enrich the quality of our employees' working lives, which will significantly strengthen loyalty to the firm and our clients. Mutual respect, recognition, collaboration and commitment will be the hallmarks of our individual relationships with colleagues and clients.

the core firm values and related behaviours

respect: We will maintain a working environment where individuals can flourish and all of our interactions with each other are guided by mutual respect, recognition and appreciation.

Individually, we will:

  • treat all others with respect and dignity regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, seniority and position,
  • take every opportunity to recognize positive contributions of individuals at all levels,
  • communicate directly and honestly with individuals at all levels on issues that affect them,
  • listen to others and fairly consider their views, and
  • consider and, when possible, accommodate others' competing work demands and outside commitments.

teamwork: We will continue to build a collaborative work environment by providing opportunities for growth through delegating responsibilities, sharing information and experience, relying on each other's expertise, keeping commitments and trusting each other.

Individually, we will:

  • delegate work to individuals at the appropriate level of experience,
  • facilitate learning and development by discussing the context of delegated assignments and providing clear direction and guidance,
  • proactively help others advance by providing opportunities for growth and increased responsibility,
  • provide constructive, honest and timely feedback designed to advance the development of others,
  • treat others' mistakes as opportunities to learn,
  • be accessible to others for advice, guidance and assistance,
  • support team objectives and meet team expectations, and
  • take responsibility for the team's mistakes as well as our own.

commitment: We will persistently strive to achieve our goals and our clients' goals while, above all, adhering to our values.

Individually, we will:

  • work to overcome obstacles to meeting our firm and client commitments,
  • hold ourselves and others accountable to our values,
  • place the firm's interests ahead of self-interest in the workplace,
  • invest time, effort and resources to initiatives aimed at the firm's long-term success, and
  • exert the level of effort that meets or exceeds the reasonable expectations of others in achieving firm and client goals.

client service: We will anticipate our clients' needs, advance their business priorities and, wherever possible, exceed their expectations.

Individually, we will:

  • take every opportunity to learn about our clients and their businesses, priorities and expectations,
  • communicate all information about our clients' files and their expectations to others working on the client's matters as soon as practical,
  • take full responsibility for commitments to our clients and follow up with others to ensure we meet those commitments,
  • provide our clients with realistic expectations where timetables and deliverables are unattainable or unrealistic,
  • respond promptly to all client communications, and
  • seize opportunities to exceed our clients' expectations regarding, among others, the quality, timeliness and efficiency of our services.

professional excellence: We will be at the forefront of our profession in the skill, expertise and judgment we offer our clients and constantly seek opportunities to learn and grow.

Individually, we will:

  • plan and organize work to complete projects effectively and efficiently,
  • determine relevant facts and consider alternatives before embarking on a course of action,
  • apply skill, expertise and judgment to develop creative and effective solutions,
  • involve others in files and issues where the need for expertise warrants,
  • maintain integrity and confidentiality at all times, and
  • engage in continuous learning to remain current in knowledge and improve professional skills and expertise.