Lyndsay Wasser comments on the importance of balancing employee privacy with security in Canadian Lawyer 

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June 5, 2015


Lyndsay Wasser, Co-Chair, Privacy, was recently interviewed by Canadian Lawyer after McMillan published a client bulletin on a recent employee privacy issue that made headlines in British Columbia. The case involved installation of security software on the computers of "high-profile" employees of the District of Saanich (a municipality in British Columbia) who were deemed to be potential targets for IT security breaches. The software included several invasive features, including keystroke logging and frequent screenshots.

One of the affected employees was the Mayor of Saanich, who reported the monitoring to authorities and the media, leading to an investigation by the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner for British Columbia.

McMillan's bulletin on this case, which Lyndsay co-authored with Tyson Gratton and Mitch Koczerginski, received immediate attention, with the request for an interview coming to Lyndsay less than an hour after the bulletin was released.

In the interview with Canadian Lawyer, Lyndsay notes: "They were focusing on the security aspects without considering the flipside of security, which is privacy. Security can work hand in hand with privacy but some security measures do have an adverse effect on privacy and that's where you get into a balancing scenario."

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