Privacy in the Workplace, 3rd Edition 


December 2013

Wolters Kluwer CCH
Privacy in the Workplace, 3rd Edition, is a practical guide to Canadian privacy laws as they apply to the workplace, including easy-to-follow guidance on employers' privacy compliance responsibilities. The authors go even further to provide comprehensive coverage on important topics such as cross-border transfers of personal information, monitoring of employees and anti-spam legal requirements. The book also provides tools and tips for creating an effective data management program across all areas of your organization, including developing appropriate privacy policies and training programs.

What does the book cover?
  • Social media issues and background checks
  • Collection and use of biometric information of employees
  • Employee monitoring (e-mail, Internet usage, telephone, CCTV, covert surveillance, GPS tracking)
  • Tools and tips for creating an effective data management program across all areas of your organization
  • Cross-border transfers of personal information and outsourcing activities
  • Developing appropriate privacy policies and training programs
  • Private-sector privacy and data protection laws applicable to the workplace

What's New in the 3rd Edition?

  • A full chapter on social media issues, including information on social media background checks and employee social media usage
  • A chapter outlining the requirements of Canada's new anti-spam legislation as well as website privacy compliance including online behavioural advertising requirements
  • In-depth discussions of the Act respecting the protection of personal information in the private sector (Quebec), the Alberta Personal Information Protection Act, and the British Columbia Personal Information Protection Act
  • Best security practices and legal requirements when managing and transmitting personal information
  • Discussions of cloud computing and cross-border data transfers.
  • Steps to take when dealing with a security breach, breach notification requirements

Is this book for me?

This book is intended for corporate counsel, employment and labour lawyers, labour lawyers, privacy lawyers and privacy officers, human resources managers and other HR personnel, managers, and all those concerned with privacy in the workplace.

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