Robert Wisner discusses international arbitration and its impact with SNL Financial 

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August 24, 2015


Robert Wisner, International Arbitration, Co-Chair, was quoted in SNL Financial's recent article "International arbitration: an uphill battle for companies launching suits." The article examines a recent arbitration claim filed by Gabriel Resources Ltd. against the government of Romania and discusses the implications such claims have on those involved.

Wisner comments that international arbitration does not always damage relations between international companies and their host counties. "It's always preferable to resolve disputes some other way, but having said that, it has been possible for some companies to resolve matters on an amicable basis after arbitration has been initiated."

The article refers to the example of McMillan's client, Brilliant Resources Inc. — now called FCF Capital — whose subsidiary Ivory Resources Inc. launched an international arbitration case against Equatorial Guinea and reached a $31.5 million settlement within a year.

Asked to comment on the likelihood of states paying international arbitral awards, Wisner says that: "Most countries pay most of their awards most of the time."

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