Lexpert: Tim Murphy believes the Canada Infrastructure Bank can be an important part of expanding public private partnerships  

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August 30, 2017


There’s concern about the newly announced Canada Infrastructure Bank. But if it’s done right, the CIB could provide a much-needed boost to spending, according to Lexpert.


The Bank’s stated objectives are to invest in Infrastructure projects that have revenue-generating potential and are in the public interest; to attract private-sector and institutional investors to projects so that more Infrastructure can be built in Canada; to serve as a centre of expertise on Infrastructure projects in which private-sector or institutional investors are making a significant investment; to foster evidence-based decision-making and advise all orders of government on the design of revenue-generating projects; and to collect and share data to help governments make better decisions about Infrastructure investments.


Tim Murphy told Lexpert, the term “bank” may be a bit of a misnomer.


“Really what this is, is … an enabler of large [government-funded] Infrastructure projects to proceed in partnership with large pension funds,” and to encourage them to invest in Canada, Murphy says.