Career Development

At McMillan we know that high-quality professional experience ensures the success of our firm and our lawyers. We take a proactive and integrated approach to managing our professionals and make a substantial investment in helping them achieve their full potential at all stages of their careers.

We offer a wide spectrum of unique professional development programs and training opportunities that are designed to advance our associates' skills throughout their career. Associates will have access to a wide range of in-house continuing education programs, covering all aspects of practice, from technical skills to practice management and business development. We offer an ongoing core curriculum of focused programs geared to different associate levels, ensuring access to professional development throughout the associate years. Certain programs are firm-wide and focus on general lawyering skills, while others are tailored to particular practice areas or levels of practice. We are proactive in designing specific training plans in response to identified individual needs. Associates will also have access to external continuing education programs.

We are committed to ensuring that associates receive challenging and diverse work assignments. We emphasize the quality of our training programs because we encourage our associates to assume a high degree of responsibility for client matters early in their careers; commensurate with their year of practice and the skill set they have developed. We also encourage associates to participate in strategic secondment opportunities with our key clients.

Formal reviews take place on an annual basis and the Professional Services Committee summarize all of the assessments so that associates can be confident that their performance is measured across all groups, using a common set of standards and benchmarks.

We are a leader among law firms in the implementation of programs designed to challenge ourselves to move to higher levels of achievement.