Meet Our Students

McMillan is committed to its student programs as its primary source of new lawyers. We do not simply consider the next year in our recruitment process, but consider the future of our students and the long term goals of the firm.

Law students with superior academic credentials and well-rounded backgrounds seek out McMillan because we provide excellent experience and training in an atmosphere of collegiality, creativity, and independence. We are confident that our firm's environment, our attitude towards students, our investment in training, and our approach to the practice of law make McMillan one of the finest firms in which lawyers may launch their careers. To learn more about our students, please see below:


2019/2020 Articling Students

Ammen Bains, Queen’s University
Gurp Dhaliwal, University of Victoria
Jordan Ghag, University of Victoria
Al Petkovic, University of Ottawa
Eleanor Rock, University of British Columbia
Joshua Sved, University of British Columbia
Douglas Zorrilla, Inca Garcilaso de la Vega University, Peru

2020/2021 Articling Students

Ashley Brown, Thompson Rivers University
Jeneya Clark, Thompson Rivers University
Julianna Ivanyi, University of British Columbia
Stephen Lewis, University of Calgary
Fiona Wong, University of Victoria
Michelle Wong, University of Victoria
Vanessa Yee, Queen’s University

2020 Temporary Articled (Summer) Students

Cole Bailey, University of British Columbia
Isabelle Guevara, Queen’s University
David Jol, University of Victoria
Adam Jones, University of Ottawa
Anika Klassen, University of British Columbia
Daniel Lundquist, University of British Columbia
Kristen Shaw, University of British Columbia


2019/2020 Articling Student

Kritika Sharma, University of Alberta

2020/2021 Articling Students

Cody Foggin, University of Alberta
Jacob Stucken, University of Calgary

2020 Summer Students

Danica Jorgenson, University of New Brunswick
Savannah Nielsen, University of Calgary


2019/2020 Articling Students

Matthew DeAmorim, Western University
Aladdin Diakun, University of Toronto 
David Fanjoy, Western University
Rima Halabi, Osgoode Hall
Donia Hashem, Osgoode Hall
Michael Hassar, University of Toronto
Troy Hilson, Osgoode Hall
Christina Kim, Queen’s University
Omar Mashnuk, Western University
Joseph Osborne, University of Toronto
Liam Sako, Queen’s University
Maressa Singh, University of Toronto

2020/2021 Articling Students

Jenna Calderone, Queen's University
Connor Campbell, Osgoode Hall
Tess Dimroci, Osgoode Hall
Sam Foster, University of Ottawa
Robertson Grant, University of Toronto
Samantha Irving, Western University
Zachary Janes, University of Toronto
Maya Provad, University of Ottawa
Ouvedi Rama Naiken, McGill University
Courteney Rickert, Western University
Geneva Ricks, University of Birmingham
Michael Shafarenko, University of Windsor


2019 Articling Students

Kathleen Wang, University of Ottawa
Jordan Goodman, University of Ottawa

2020/2021 Articling Students

Shahnaz Dhanani, University of Windsor
Jeremiah Kopp, University of Ottawa


2020/2021 Articling Students

Kelsey Millward, McGill University
Catherine Burrogano, University of Montréal
Wendy Belisle, University of Montréal