Our Commitment

McMillan takes a progressive and proactive approach to recruiting, developing, training and managing the performance of our students and associates, right through to partnership. We recognize that finding the right people is only the first step – we also need to invest in each of our students and lawyers and provide them with the tools needed to achieve their full potential. Our top-tier training and work, coupled with our collaborative and supportive work environment, ensures that you will be equipped for success as a student, associate and partner.

leading training and professional development

McMillan strategically designs and administers its training and professional development programs to address the developmental needs you will have at each stage of your career.

Our summer and articling student programs include intensive up-front training curriculum which bridges the gap between law school and practice. As an associate and partner, you will benefit from a wide variety of training on substantive legal issues, business expertise, effective decision making, client service, and the people, process and time management skills required in everyday practice. Our lawyers also have access to external continuing education sessions and custom designed training plans in response to individual needs.

top-tier work assignments

At McMillan, you will gain real world experience by participating in top-tier work from the very beginning of your career. In our team-focused environment, students and associates are encouraged to take on significant responsibilities and be a value added member of the McMillan client service team.

You will be exposed to a wide variety of work including drafting, research, analysis, negotiations and group and client meetings. The breadth of experience you will receive will provide you with a solid foundation in the law and equip you to handle a host of future challenges.

collaborative support

At McMillan, we encourage you to take a proactive role in your career and development – to "take the lead" in your career. You will be supported in doing so with an open, respectful and innovative work environment. Our culture is dynamic, positive and team-oriented and nurtures long-term relationships, inspires enthusiasm and motivates each team member to put forth his or her best efforts in order to achieve our collective goals. Teamwork is not a buzzword in our firm. It's an operating style that keeps productivity high and encourages the constant exchange of ideas.

the importance of mentoring

At McMillan, we believe that quality mentoring is crucial to future success as a lawyer. Students cannot achieve professional excellence unless they are provided with support, guidance and meaningful opportunities for learning and practice development.

We provide this in a number of ways. Each student is paired with a mentor specifically devoted to the student's development. Your mentor will help you integrate into the firm, provide practical advice and regular feedback, and help you maintain a workload that is appropriate and manageable. Mentors are also available to advise you on any problems or questions that you may have regarding your professional development and assist you with any issues that arise. They are also proactive in working with you to achieve your professional goals.

McMillan also nurtures an environment of informal mentoring. Each year, McMillan recognizes outstanding mentors by presenting an annual "Leadership in Mentoring Award" to lawyers who have demonstrated outstanding commitment and excellence in the role of mentor.

feedback and evaluation

At McMillan you will benefit from our candid, timely evaluation program that lets you know how you're doing and how to progress. You will have access to our evaluation forms from the start, so you know in advance what your evaluation is based on. This formal process, along with the informal guidance you receive from supervising lawyers, keeps you on the right track and headed toward a great future.

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