Student Recruitment


McMillan recruitment is a top priority, as our students are our future associates and partners. When we invite you to join our team, we don't just focus on the immediate future: we look ahead to your entire career with us as a student, associate and partner.

McMillan is committed to open and honest recruitment practices. We focus our recruitment efforts on choosing students who we believe will succeed long-term at the firm. We aim to provide students with a realistic view of our student programs and the practice of law at our firm so that students are also able to assess our firm and make an informed decision about their career.

start with a leading firm

Look within McMillan and find a modern, ambitious Canadian business law firm:

  • protecting and advancing client interests all over the globe from offices in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, Montréal and Hong Kong with close to 300 lawyers
  • that is recognized for its cross-border leadership in the United States and in the critical growth markets of Asia
  • dedicated to professional excellence in an atmosphere of collegiality and respect

what we look for

We look for students who are perceptive, diligent, motivated to succeed and whose level of academic achievement demonstrates the potential to provide the highest quality legal service. We also look for well-rounded, creative, and mature individuals who can make a positive contribution to our work environment and the profession in general.

what to expect

Some of the qualities we believe distinguish McMillan are:

  • supportive, collegial, team-based environment
  • efficient, strategic teams that provide students with challenging and meaningful work opportunities early in their careers
  • a strong commitment to industry leading training and professional development
  • exposure to diverse work and practice areas, in a firm with a national and international platform

helpful tips

Please click here for helpful tips on preparing your application materials and interviewing with firms.

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