summer student program

Our summer student program runs from the beginning of May to mid-August. The program begins with upfront intensive training period that provides our students with the key skills required to transition from being a law student to working at a law firm.

For our summer program, our students are not assigned to specific practice groups or rotations.  This allows our students to experience a variety of different areas of law while still allowing the flexibility to seek out work from desired areas.  As our students take their first steps in their legal career, we encourage them to seek out a broad exposure to our work and our lawyers before having to make decisions about their specific interests. We believe this provides students with the freedom to follow their sense of curiosity without having to commit to a certain path.

Students obtain work directly from lawyers and are encouraged to seek out work in areas of interest. Student work is overseen by associate workflow coordinators who meet weekly with all of the students to ensure each student receives challenging and diverse work. Each student is also assigned a mentor who assists the student to integrate into the firm and obtain meaningful professional opportunities. Our students also have an active social calendar, as one of the main objectives of the summer program is to integrate the students into the fabric of the firm.

articling student program

Our articling student program begins in August and runs for a ten month period pursuant to the requirements of the Law Society of Ontario. We see our articling program as a natural extension of our summer program. 

Our articling students will be exposed to: business law, financial services, competition, commercial real estate, tax, advocacy and litigation, labour and employment, as we believe this assists students in identifying their long-term practice interests.  These practice areas are grouped into rotations and students will rotate through all areas of the firm over the course of their articles.

As with the summer program, students have planned social events throughout the year.

secondment opportunities

Our Toronto summer students may apply for suitable split-summer opportunities with government or public interest organizations. Our Toronto articling students may also apply for certain client secondment opportunities.

hiring practice and process

With respect to the summer program, we will be hiring second year students for the summer of 2020. We recruit in accordance with the Law Society of Ontario procedures which can be found here.

Students interested in summer positions should submit applications through the viRecruit Applicant Portal by the deadline set by the Law Society of Ontario. In some cases, your school's Career Development Office will collect application packages and courier them to firms in advance of the application deadline. We recommend that students confirm their school's internal practice and deadlines during the summer.

With respect to the articling program, we see it as a natural extension of our summer program. The number of summer students we hire therefore correlates with the number of articling students we would like to have, as well as with our projected future associate requirements. We anticipate that all of our summer students will return to article with us. Students are welcome to inquire whether we will be participating in an external articling recruitment. If we will be hiring externally, we will interview candidates in accordance with the timing requirements set by the Law Society of Ontario.

An application package should consist of a cover letter, resume, copies of official law school and post-secondary transcripts, and 2nd and 3rd year course lists. Letters of reference are not required. We will acknowledge receipt of your application by email.

Applications should be addressed to:
McMillan LLP
181 Bay Street, Suite 4400
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5J 2T3

Attention: Tiffany Soucy, Director, Professional Resources

We endeavor to promptly reply to inquiries about our firm and our student programs during the application and interview period. We also appreciate receiving communications of a more general nature (such as thank-you messages); however, due to the volume of messages we receive during this period, we may not be able to acknowledge receipt or respond, as we give priority to answering specific questions raised by students. In all of our communications, we are mindful of the Law Society rules.

McMillan is committed to providing support in its recruitment processes to applicants with disabilities, including accommodation that takes into account an applicant's accessibility needs. If you require accommodation at any time during the recruitment process or in order to successfully submit an application, please email us or contact us at 1.888.622.4624 and ask to be transferred to the National Director, Human Resources to submit your accommodation request.

McMillan is committed to equal opportunity without discrimination.

student recruitment team

Tiffany Soucy
Director, Professional Resources
Tel: 416.865.7812

Agnes Gradzik
Coordinator, Professional Growth & Management
Tel: 416.865.7859

McMillan LLP
181 Bay Street
Suite 4400,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5J 2T3