Each year, copyright infringement costs creative artists and businesses billions of dollars in lost revenue. For artists in particular, the loss is not just about money—it is personal.

In today's sophisticated digital world, understanding copyright law is more important and challenging than ever. Copyright protection helps shield the activities of any business—particularly film, music, software, video games and print media—from illegal appropriation. It is also a vital tool in the global fight against the burgeoning practice of media pirating.

McMillan's Intellectual Property Group provides expert counsel on copyright to a wide range of Canadian and international communications and telecommunications operations, music labels, artists, publishers, film and television production companies, financing parties, software and multimedia firms, and advertising and marketing agencies.

McMillan professionals help clients lead by providing services in such areas as:

  • Advising on usage policies and liability opinions
  • Advising on the protection of copyrightable works and, when applicable, securing copyright registrations in Canada and coordinating registrations outside Canada
  • Litigating and advocating copyright claims
  • Advising them on anti-piracy, and both civil and criminal enforcement
  • Assisting with interpretation of the Canadian Copyright Act and other copyright policies and legislation
  • Drafting agreements related to copyright, including assignments, licenses, waivers of moral rights and releases