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Mar 10, 2015

On February 11, 2015, Convalo Health International, Corp. (Convalo) amalgamated with Valiant Minerals Ltd. (Valiant), a capital pool company, through a qualifying transaction for $10.6 million. Subsequent to the triangular amalgamation, the amalgamated company is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Convalo.

Robbie Grossman of Capital Markets acted on behalf of Convalo Health International, Corp., which is the first US addiction services company to go public on the TSX-V. Convalo (TSXV:CXV) has since commenced trading on the TSX Venture Exchange.

Robbie was assisted by a team consisting of Hilary Hennick (Business Law), Carl Irvine (Tax) and Money Khoromi (M&A/ Capital Markets) to close the transaction.