Marble, columns and stairs
Jul 14, 2011

On July 13, 2011, Primero Mining Corp., a client of the firm, entered into a merger agreement with Northgate. The combination of their respective businesses would have created a $1.2-billion mid-tier gold producer which will produce approximately 300,000 ounces of gold per year.

The completion of this stage was lead by Stephen Wortley in the Vancouver office. The teams from the Vancouver and Toronto offices that worked for Primero include:

Securities: Leo Raffin, Grant Wong , Amandeep Sandhu , Farzad Forooghian, Amanda Bichai, Erica Weiss, Alexis Cloutier, and Arman Farahani

US Securities: Michael Taylor and Herbert Ono

Commercial and Security matters (dealing with Silver Wheaton (which owns the silver at our client’s San Dimas mine, located near Durango, Mexico ) and with Goldcorp ( Primero’s major shareholder ) ): Tom Theodorakis, Damon Chisholm, Robert Scavone, David Dunlop and Dorothy Wong

Tax: Peter Botz , Christine Man and Kathy Wang

Employment: David McInnis, David Elenbaas and Lyndsay Wasser

First Nations: Keith Clark

Multi jurisdiction Due Diligence (corporate and real estate): Carl De Vuono, JR Beaudrie, Matt German and Bob Fraser

Mining: Cory Kent, Darrell Podowski, Carmen Diges and Laurel Petryk

Anti Trust: James Musgrove

Court Applications: Karen Carteri