Marble, columns and stairs
Jul 9, 2015

On July 9, 2015, the McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Centre Vancouver drew a crowd of 160,000 people in the first four days of its operation.

Templeton DOC Limited Partnership is a joint venture between the Vancouver Airport Authority and the McArthurGlen Group, Europe’s leading developer of luxury outlet malls.

Templeton DOC Limited Partnership retained Janet Derbawka to provide advice regarding leasing and operational issues relating to the Centre. Janet was assisted by Karl Gustafson on utilities commission submissions, and Allie Ketcham and Michael Reid on contractual matters pertaining to the operation of the Centre.

Phase 1 of the Centre is comprised of approximately 240,000 square feet with retailers including Armani, Hugo Boss, Coach, Polo, Calvin Klein and many others. A second phase of the Centre is expected to be completed within two years. This addition to Vancouver signifies the industry’s fast growth and contribution to the city. According to USA Today, Vancouver’s fashion and retail industry is booming and called it the “Supermodel of North America.”