Roulette wheel in casino, close-up on No. 28
Roulette wheel in casino, close-up on No. 28


Gaming is a highly-competitive business, with sophisticated global players competing head-to-head with governmental bodies in a highly regulated industry. As the public desire for innovative gaming experiences continues to evolve, organizations operating in this multi-billion dollar business require practical legal advisors who understand the myriad of business, regulatory and financial challenges they are likely to face. With extensive experience across all Canadian and international gaming, casino, lottery and horseracing sectors, McMillan advises  a wide variety of gaming organizations, as well as gaming support and supply businesses.

We help clients structure, develop, finance and implement gaming venues (including land-based casinos and horseracing tracks). Our gaming industry lawyers have acted on matters ranging from negotiating construction and joint venture arrangements to securing large financings for casino operations to advising on acquisitions of gaming assets and casino facilities.


Along with its seemingly unlimited potential and a massive international audience, sports come with a wide range of concerns, from the purchase and sale of professional franchises to competition and territorial matters and sponsorship, licensing and marketing.

With the assistance of a law firm that combines its experience with a true passion for the games themselves, sports franchises and the businesses that surround them can win more than just championships. Our focus at McMillan is on helping clubs  develop commercial strategies that drive brands and financial performance to new heights, while working closely with organizations that support the sports industry, such as governing bodies, rights holders, broadcasters and athletes themselves

McMillan lawyers help our clients succeed through advising on commercial transactions, service contracts, employment and immigration issues, and financing arrangements for clubs and venues; assisting with real estate negotiations and stadium development projects; protecting intellectual property rights; negotiating sponsorship, merchandising, licensing, distribution and advertising contracts; negotiating broadcast rights; advising on mergers and acquisitions; and conducting contract negotiations on behalf of players, agents and clubs.


McMillan’s Video Games and Esports Group is at the top of its game, because interactive entertainment is not child’s play. McMillan’s video games and esports lawyers draw on their experience from multiple practice groups, bringing a multidisciplinary approach to craft practical, effective and innovative legal solutions for the client.

As recognized leaders in this rapidly evolving industry, McMillan specializes in the complexities of gaming law. Our lawyers are established in the video game and esports industry, speaking at and organizing internationally-recognized conferences on video game topics through active involvement with the Games Law Summit, Tokyo Game Show, Esports Bar Association, Video Game Bar Association, and Canadian Technology Lawyers Association.

McMillan lawyers collaborate to advise the video game and esports industry on starting, structuring, and reorganizing companies to benefit from digital tax or interactive media credits; financing, and mergers and acquisitions in the interactive entertainment industry; hiring, outsourcing, insourcing and managing a diverse workforce; developing robust policies, procedures and practices, as well as terms of service and end user license agreements; creating, protecting, enforcing and defending intellectual property rights; organizing and structuring esports tournaments, loot crates, virtual currencies, and micro-transactions in compliance with byzantine regulations; drafting and negotiating commercial agreements; advocating in and litigating video-game and esports-related disputes; procuring and licensing service providers, closed- and open-source libraries, and platform licenses; and protecting against product liability.

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