Modern skyscrapers in business district
Modern skyscrapers in business district


Like many aspects of modern business, commercial real estate transactions can be highly complex and the potential for financial rewards is often tempered by possible risk. A well-considered legal strategy can help builders and investors preserve the value of commercial real estate ventures.

McMillan’s Commercial Real Estate lawyers serve a range of organizations, to help investors and developers maximize value, manage and share risk, enhance investment returns and create favourable tax structures for a wide range of commercial real estate initiatives. Our commercial real estate lawyers have expertise in development, environmental regulation, leasing, municipal and land use planning law, as well as real estate financing, acquisitions and divestitures, allowing us to close deals effectively and efficiently.

We work with a wide range of developers seeking to acquire and develop real property, including residential, commercial, resource development projects and large-scale infrastructure programs. We also work with municipalities and governmental bodies to ensure their interests are protected in major development projects. Our services include: providing counsel on pre-development options; advising on optimal investment vehicles and structures; counseling on land acquisition and financing; assisting with dispute resolution and/or litigation with nonperforming suppliers, buyers and other third parties.



McMillan LLP is one of Canada’s leading real estate acquisition and divestitures law firms, recognized for helping companies maximize the value potential of their commercial real estate portfolios while mitigating risk.

McMillan is routinely called upon by top commercial real estate industry players for counsel on maximizing the value of their real estate acquisitions and divestitures in Canada. We have the experience and astute knowledge of the law necessary to advise clients on all facets of property acquisition and divestiture, including real estate, tax, environmental, and corporate and commercial matters. Our lawyers’ experience comes from regularly acting on behalf of major publicly traded real estate companies, financial institutions, pension funds, land developers and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) on large commercial property acquisitions and dispositions.


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