freedom of information and access to information 


Corporations and institutions alike must be aware of their rights and responsibilities under provincial Freedom of Information and federal Access to Information statutes. McMillan has experience advising entities on proactive steps that can be taken to ensure compliance with these statutes. We have expertise in making submissions to, and taking appeals from the administrative actors charged with resolving disputes about access to records under the control of institutions. In addition, we regularly advise clients on responding to requests from individuals for access to personal information under private-sector privacy legislation.

We have expertise in:
  • Advising clients on responding to requests from individuals for access to their personal information;
  • Representing clients in disputes with individuals respecting entitlement to access personal information;
  • Making and responding to access to information requests under Freedom of Information and Access to Information statutes;
  • Institution and third-party obligations under the statutes;
  • Interpretation of discrete statutory provisions, such as those related to frivolous requests and the public interest;
  • Participation in mediations of freedom of information matters conducted by provincially-appointed mediators;
  • Filing written representations to adjudicators charged with enforcing freedom of information regimes; and
  • Interpretation, reconsideration and clarification of orders issued by adjudicators.