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FinTech Forum: Innovation, Regulation or Both

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McMillan is the collaborating sponsor of The Canadian institute’s FinTech Forum

The FinTech Forum takes an all-round view of disruption in the financial services industry. By bringing together thought leaders from the different stakeholder groups, the forum presents a balanced discussion of industry challenges and successes.

At the FinTech Forum, experts from across the financial services spectrum will come together to analyze key challenges and opportunities to develop a roadmap forward. Highlights include:

  • Debating the best regulatory strategy to foster innovation and protect consumers
  • Collectively working towards putting Toronto on the map as a FinTech hub
  • Collaboration frameworks for banks and startups to achieve common goals
  • Embracing new technology like blockchain and mobile wallets, as well as integrating them into the mainstream
  • Allowing FinTech to develop its own standards and solve regulatory challenges through innovation

Tim Murphy will be co-chairing this event.

Learn more about the FinTech Forum here.

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