Woman making a frame around the sun with her hands at sunrise
Woman making a frame around the sun with her hands at sunrise
Woman making a frame around the sun with her hands at sunrise

Notice: New Employment Standards Act Requirement on Employers Effective June 19, 2015

May 2015 Employment and Labour Bulletin Martin J. Thompson

In December 2014, we wrote about substantial changes the Ontario government was enacting to amend several employment statutes in Ontario, including the Employment Standards Act, 2000.

The legislation, titled Stronger Workplaces for a Stronger Economy Act, 2014 (“Bill 18”), has included several important deadlines, one of which is rapidly approaching. These changes impact employers in Ontario and it is important that employers familiarize themselves with the new requirements.

One amendment under Bill 18 is to take effect as of June 19, 2015. The amendment requires employers to provide a personal copy of the Ministry of Labour’s Employment Standards Poster to all current employees, and going forward, to each new employee within 30 days of their start date. Gone are the days of the casual posting on the staff room bulletin board!

What this Means for Employers

Employers must provide personal copies of the new poster to all current employees by no later than June 19, 2015. Employees hired after May 20, 2015 must be given a copy no later than 30 days after the date of hire. Employers should equally have a system in place to confirm compliance, if challenged by the Ministry of Labour.
by Martin J. Thompson and Shauna Cant, Summer Student

For more information on the topic, please contact:

Martin J. Thompson

A Cautionary Note

The foregoing provides only an overview and does not constitute legal advice. Readers are cautioned against making any decisions based on this material alone. Rather, specific legal advice should be obtained.

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