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Politics and the Workplace

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As politics become more polarized in Canada and abroad, and as social media continues to encroach on the workplace, employers have to understand how to deal with political views that come into the workplace. If your co-worker believes that the government allows too many immigrants into the country, does that create a poisoned work environment? Is wearing a MAGA hat a form of workplace harassment? Is there any legal remedy if your supervisor is active on social media in support of white supremacy?

Join our Employment & Labour Relations Group on Thursday, March 9 for a discussion on politics and the workplace.

Topics include:

  • An overview of human rights legislation and the definition of political speech
  • What constitutes a poisoned work environment and how to manage claims
  • How to deal with conflicting rights in the workplace
  • How to manage employee conduct outside of the workplace

For legal practitioners, this program qualifies for up to 1 hour of Substantive CPD in Ontario, 1 hour of CPD in BC and 1 hour of CLE in Quebec.

Date and Time
Thursday, March 9, 2023
1 pm – 2 pm ET

Dave McKechnie
Partner, Employment & Labour Relations, Toronto

Dianne Rideout
Partner, Employment & Labour Relations, Vancouver

David Fanjoy
Associate, Employment & Labour Relations, Toronto

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