IPOs and alternative IPOs  


The path to an initial public offering (IPO) is complex and carries risk, but with thorough legal preparation and execution it can be a positive, transformational event in a company's growth. The same assessment of opportunity versus risk should accompany alternative IPOs, such as a reverse takeover or a transaction within a capital pool company.

McMillan's Capital Markets Group can help you choose the path that will best meet your objectives and guide you through the entire process. Quite often, companies seek listings on multiple exchanges, adding further complexity. We understand the regulatory environments that govern IPOs around the world and regularly assist companies in a wide range of industries to select and execute the course of action that will best meet their financing objectives.

Going public requires many different parts of the business to work in unison—from legal to finance to public relations, even human resources. McMillan's legal teams help departments to collaborate effectively, enabling your leadership team to focus on the fundamentals and run a successful business. We help clients throughout the life cycle of the IPO process, from pre-IPO preparation to the offering process itself, to follow-on public offerings and ongoing regulatory compliance.

McMillan professionals help clients lead by:

  • Reviewing options for listings on various stock exchanges
  • Optimizing corporate governance practices and policies to meet securities and listing guidelines
  • Understanding and optimizing the tax consequences of going public
  • Preparing and reviewing prospectus documents
  • Responding to issues raised by regulators
  • Preparing for roadshows
  • Advising on the ongoing requirements for managing a public company