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McMillan LLP Helps Secure Significant Duties to Offset Unfair Trade from China

News Oct 21, 2021

(OTTAWA) — McMillan LLP has helped Quebec-based Max-Atlas Equipment International Inc. secure preliminary duties against dumped and subsidized container chassis imported from China.

“This decision will significantly help Max-Atlas, a 100% Canadian-owned manufacturer that has been hurting for many years trying to compete with unfairly traded and much lower priced products coming from China,” says Jonathan O’Hara, lead counsel for the complainants, and Partner, International Trade with McMillan LLP. “This protection should allow Max-Atlas to maintain its operations, regain its lost market share, and could result in the creation of a large number of well-paying Canadian jobs.”

On October 21, 2021, the Canadian Border Services Agency confirmed preliminary duties of 59.1% effective immediately to offset the unfair trade by China.

Final duty rates will be issued early next year by the Canada Border Services Agency and will remain subject to confirmation by the Canadian International Trade Tribunal.

McMillan’s international trade team routinely assists Canadian manufacturers who are being harmed by unfairly traded imports and is the market leader for all aspects of trade law in Canada.

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