Andrea Arbuthnot Photo
Andrea Arbuthnot Photo
Andrea Arbuthnot Photo

Having completed my first year at the Lincoln Alexander School of Law, I am pleased to be joining McMillan as a summer student.

Prior to law school, I was employee #2 at the Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence and a recipient of the Amethyst Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Ontario Public Service. For ten years, I worked as a communications professional launching new initiatives, building a team from scratch, and communicating complex topics in simple language.

Today, I am grateful to be studying at Canada’s newest law school, which focuses on innovation, diversity, and practical skills. I am particularly interested in Indigenous and Aboriginal law, and I currently volunteer with the National Indigenous Courtworkers: Indigenous Youth-Centred Justice Project, where I conduct legal research with a multidisciplinary team.

I hold an honours degree in Environment & Business from the University of Waterloo.

In my free time, I enjoy hiking, cycling, and reading nonfiction.

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