stock exchange listings  


Choosing to list a company on a stock exchange is a major decision for any organization. Going public delivers many advantages—greater access to capital, improved liquidity for shareholders and increased credibility as an industry leader, among them—but it also brings with it ongoing reporting requirements, which can consume significant financial and human resources.

Publicly listing an enterprise is a complex process that differs from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Expertly navigated and executed, it can be a significant and positive event in a company's growth. Aside from the benefits to the company itself, it creates new avenues to attract high-performing recruits, finance the development of new products and services for customers, and provide financial rewards to executives and long-term employees. It can also provide a more accurate valuation of the company itself.

McMillan's Capital Markets Group helps Canadian and overseas companies create an effective strategy and process for going public, while remaining focused on our clients' business objectives. Our lawyers understand the relative advantages of various stock exchanges and can advise on the optimal listing strategy—which exchange or exchanges will deliver the best value—all while helping you navigate the regulatory process.

We also understand that the process of going public requires many parts of the business to work together, including finance, legal, and public affairs. Our teams create a holistic approach that enables your leadership team to focus on the day-to-day running of the business, so that when your listing goes live, the company is firing on all cylinders.

McMillan professionals help clients lead by:

  • Launching public listings on Canadian and major global stock exchanges, for both Canadian and non-Canadian companies
  • Establishing inter-listings
  • Ensuring ongoing compliance with stock exchange requirements
  • Advising on public offerings
  • Providing counsel on reverse takeovers