tax litigation and advocacy  


The complexity and ever-changing nature of tax regimes means that tax disputes, though undesirable, occasionally arise. Tax authorities are increasingly vigilant in identifying alleged non-compliance with tax obligations and challenging taxpayers before the courts.

McMillan's Tax Group provides advice to clients at every stage of a tax dispute with Canadian revenue authorities. We assist with audits, and provide expert advice on administrative appeals and court challenges.

Our tax litigation and advocacy team combines expertise in tax administration, court procedure, substantive tax law and tax policy. Our lawyers are advocates, as well as highly experienced tax practitioners, with broad litigation experience gained from appearing before all levels of Canadian courts.

We recognize that disputes can consume significant resources and believe that early intervention, short of court proceedings, can deliver a timely and cost-effective resolution of most tax disputes. However, when litigation is unavoidable, our tax litigators serve as tireless advocates on our clients' behalf.

McMillan helps its clients minimize the financial and operational disruptions posed by tax disputes by:

  • Managing the successful conclusion of tax audits and assessments
  • Preparing Notices of Objections and resolving tax disputes at the administrative appeals level
  • Representing clients before the courts in challenging tax assessments
  • Preparing voluntary disclosures and taxpayer relief applications
  • Negotiating reductions of penalties and settlements with tax authorities
  • Managing transfer pricing examinations and disputes