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McMillan's Women's Initiative is devoted to the advancement of women in the firm. Our Women's Initiative develops and oversees progressive policies and administers resources to achieve this objective, including providing networking, leadership and business development opportunities to women lawyers.

mentoring: McMillan holds internal women's events to foster teamwork and mentoring among women lawyers so that they may build and enhance their internal network and learn from one another.

leadership: McMillan provides internal and external training to women lawyers, to encourage them to be leaders and innovators.

business development: The Women's Initiative has established initiatives to encourage and support women lawyers in developing and enhancing client relationships and growing their practices.

parental support: McMillan provides parental support to assist expectant and new parents with managing their new family dynamics and their professional responsibilities. As part of this program, McMillan provides:

toolkit - each new parent is given a toolkit that provides a wealth of information to assist with the transitions that occur when taking a parental leave, including ramping down before the leave, maintaining contact while on leave and returning to practice. In addition, the toolkit provides information on common questions new parents have, such as benefits and finding childcare.

mentor - each new parent is assigned a parental leave mentor to provide support with ramping down, to act as a point of contact during the leave and to assist with reintegration upon the new parent's return to the firm. In addition, each new parent returning from leave is assigned a reintegration partner who invests time, energy and relationships in helping the returning lawyer successfully reintegrate and develop an action plan to rebuild their practice.

coaching – the firm provides each new mother with several paid sessions with an external consultant, to assist with transition and reintegration issues.

flexible work arrangement – the firm provides the option, on an individual basis, for lawyers to have flexible work arrangements in order to meet other personal needs.

support for initiatives within the community

30% Club: McMillan has partnered with the 30% Club, an organization aimed at increasing the representation of women on boards and attaining a greater gender balance in business leadership.

Osgoode Hall Law School's Women's Network ("OWN"): McMillan is a proud sponsor of Osgoode Hall Law School's Women's Network ("OWN"), an organization dedicated to advancing women in law through networking, mentorship and skills building.

Justicia Projects: The Justicia Project is run by each law society with an aim to developing programs and initiatives in conjunction with law firms to promote the retention and advancement of women in private practice. McMillan has actively participated in the Justicia Project of British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec. 

Women's Legal Education and Action Fund (LEAF): McMillan is proud to be a supporter of LEAF. One of the firm's founding partners, Newton Rowell, was instrumental in the victory of the "Persons Case" in 1929; Rowell represented Judge Emily Murphy, Nellie McClung, Irene Parlby, Louise McKinney and Henrietta Muir Edwards all the way to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council in Britain which decided that women were "persons" within the meaning of the British North America Act and so could be appointed to the Canadian Senate. Rowell's granddaughter, Nancy Ruth, was one of the founding members of the Women's Legal Education and Action Fund and is a senator today.

Women's Executive Network (WXN): McMillan is a supporter of WXN, an organization that provides innovative opportunities for women to develop personally and professionally and inspire them to lead.

Our Women's Initiative Committee is responsible for developing and coordinating women's initiatives at the firm.

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