Workplace policies on bullying and harassment are now mandatory in BC. Is your business compliant? 


November 2013

Litigation Bulletin

WorkSafeBC has responded to these concerns by implementing new occupational health and safety requirements in British Columbia workplaces.

Effective November 1, 2013, employers must take reasonable steps to prevent, or otherwise minimize, workplace bullying and harassment. Employers must:

  • develop a Policy Statement with respect to bullying and harassment not being acceptable or tolerated;
  • inform workers of the Policy Statement;
  • enforce compliance with the Policy Statement;
  • develop and implement procedures for workers to report incidents of bullying and harassment; and
  • develop and implement procedures for investigating complaints of bullying and harassment.

We strongly encourage and recommend all employers to review their workplace policies and practices to ensure they are compliant with these new requirements. 

by Claire E. Morton

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