Group of people at a business event
Group of people at a business event

At McMillan, we are in the relationships business. Our most important relationships are those we have with our employees and our clients. For some of our employees, their sojourn at the firm is a stepping stone into other roles and careers as business leaders, politicians, community influencers, judges and in-house counsel among others. We want to maintain our relationships with all of our old colleagues and friends and give you the opportunity to remain connected with one another.

In order to facilitate those connections, the firm has invested in a national platform designed to host ongoing communications, updates and events. This way, our alumni can stay in touch with us and with one another, giving us all access to a useful network that we can also use, among other things, to provide continuing professional development, industry insights and partner opportunities and other benefits.

If you are an alumnus of McMillan, I personally invite you to expand your network by staying connected with us. Please send us an email at Please also consider joining our McMillan Alumni Group on LinkedIn by clicking here 

We look forward to reconnecting with you.

Teresa Dufort, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Partner, McMillan LLP