Stock market business graph chart on digital screen. Success and loss money concept. Trading screen board. Financial 3d illustration.
Stock market business graph chart on digital screen. Success and loss money concept. Trading screen board. Financial 3d illustration.


In recent years, national regulators have imposed new regulations on the banking sector to secure their financial health and protect the interests of investors and customers. But these new frameworks make the business of banking more complex, causing institutions to re-assess their business models and pivot to address new challenges and opportunities. McMillan LLP understands the dynamics of this continually evolving landscape and we advise Canadian and foreign banks, trust companies, and other financial services organizations on how to navigate regulations and bring new products and services to market.

McMillan’s banking and finance lawyers have deep industry knowledge and experience; we are committed to staying abreast of any and all changes to financial institution legislation. We understand the challenges and opportunities that these changes can bring and help our banking clients adapt to market dynamics. We advise clients on the necessary regulatory approvals or exemption orders in connection with their Canadian activities, and we have helped a number of foreign banks establish subsidiaries or branches in Canada.

McMillan professionals  support our clients by advising on financial services legislation and regulatory regimes; assisting in dealings with regulatory authorities, including the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions and provincial securities commissions; counselling clients on a full range of financing transactions; advising, planning and implementing merger and acquisition transactions; and advising on a wide range of capital markets transactions.

McMillan helps institutions respond swiftly to market shifts and regulatory changes in insurance, corporate and banking law, while meeting increasingly sophisticated customer needs and rivalling competitive manoeuvres.

McMillan finance, securities and insurance lawyers advise banks, insurance companies, investment dealers and other financial services companies anticipate regulation changes and position themselves for success. In this competitive industry, we tap in to our experience advising on insurance, banking, lending, personal property security, securities, tax and insolvency law to help clients thrive and minimize risk.

McMillan works closely with in-house legal counsel government bodies and regulators. We help clients minimize the risk of banking litigation. When unavoidable, our litigators are highly accomplished at effectively representing and protecting our clients’ interests to preserve reputation and shareholder value.

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