Railway, wildflowers and mountains.
Railway, wildflowers and mountains.


Procurement, supply and the delivery of railroad services are challenging in Canada, with few suppliers and significant demand. Businesses that ship by rail require significant commercial, financial and legal support to succeed in an environment that often lacks competitive alternatives. As long-term global demand for commodities and raw materials increases, rail infrastructure and operations investment around the world is expected to rise. Businesses that import and export goods via railroads need the assistance of transportation lawyers to navigate the laws and regulations that govern the sector to capitalize on opportunities while mitigating risk.

McMillan’s transportation lawyers have decades of experience in the rail shipping industry. Our attorneys and litigators are frequently called upon by other law firms, shippers, shortline railways, rail equipment manufacturers and lessors, governments and carriers in Canada and the United States to provide expert counsel surrounding the laws and regulations that govern railroad transportation. Our strong relationships with industry participants, third party service providers and consultants in the fields of economics, costing, safety and environmental regulation, and other fields, uniquely qualify us to provide a broad spectrum of law services to the railroad, transportation and distribution sector.

Our lawyers frequently assist parties involved in railroad production across North America. The only Canadian law firm with a partnering government relations agency, McMillan Vantage Policy Group, we have strong relationships with industry participants, regulators and consultants to both inform industry and regulators and to ensure we understand the dynamics of the industry and where it is going.

McMillan professionals help clients lead by:

  • Advising on commercial distribution and logistics matters, including rates, level of service, risk, competitive and strategic analyses
  • Dispute resolution in all facets of rail shipping, logistics and regulatory matters
  • Managing distribution chain projects, ranging from small or short run outsourced matters to large, long-term and multi-disciplinary engagements
  • Advising on safety, environmental and rail regulatory compliance, and transportation of dangerous goods
  • Advising on the laws and regulations surrounding the development, expansion, purchase and sale of railroads, railway equipment, transportation infrastructure, terminal and related businesses and facilities, including government-owned facilities

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