Aircraft jet engine turbine
Aircraft jet engine turbine


The aerospace and defence sector is highly complex, heavily scrutinized and intensely competitive, as well as being subject to exacting standards and high security. Players in this industry face complex legal challenges that necessitate compliance with numerous and complicated laws and regulations and overlapping jurisdictions. The risks are high as the wrong decisions can quickly place companies and their executives squarely under the spotlight and under scrutiny. Aerospace and defence industry players look for strategic and committed law firms with deep domain expertise in Canadian aerospace labour law as well as other laws that govern the sector. We work with a range of organizations including domestic and foreign defence contractors and public safety organizations, as well as aerospace companies, their suppliers and manufacturers, financiers and investors. We help our aerospace and defence clients negotiate profitable contractual arrangements, navigate the government procurement process, appropriately mitigate risk, and deal with crisis swiftly and effectively when it occurs.

With lawyers who served as executives in aerospace and defence, McMillan’s aerospace and defence teams provide the kind of timely, practical advice that comes from a combination of deep industry expertise and extensive technical knowledge. We help clients navigate the legal complexities of the industry and stay on course by:

  • Assisting them as they navigate Canadian laws and government procurement processes
  • Advising them on how to effectively flow down obligations through their supply chain, and limit their liability in the context of government procurement obligations
  • Assisting with negotiating and meeting Industrial and Regional Benefits (IRB) requirements and acting for Canadian companies who are able to assist foreign suppliers with satisfying offset requirements
  • Assisting in the development and implementation of global regulatory compliance and security (personnel and facility clearance) program
  • Providing guidance on export compliance policies and procedures, product and technology classifications, responses to cure notices, requests for audit or inspection, and plans for remediation
  • Conducting specialized due diligence, and managing acquisition and dispositions of companies and assets
  • Drafting commercial agreements such as Channel Partner Agreements, Non-Disclosure Agreements, Proprietary Information Exchange Agreements, Technical Assistance Agreements,
  • Manufacturing Licence Agreements, and End-Use Certifications
  • Training personnel and advising on international anti-corruption measures
  • Litigating and assisting with international commercial arbitrations and other forms of alternative dispute resolution involving prime and subcontractor disputes

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