shipyard for Logistic
shipyard for Logistic


With an export-driven economy, marine freight and passenger transportation is a vital part of Canada’s economic health. The Marine industry is also replete with challenges, from vast geography to rapidly changing economics to physical changes brought on by new marine channels and technological innovation. Regional, national and global regulations apply to everything from intra- and inter-modal competition, as well as environmental compliance and response, safety and service levels. A smart legal partner with expertise in maritime and transport law can help maritime, and transport leaders navigate these tumultuous waters. One of Canada’s most highly reputed Maritime law firms, McMillan combines strategic foresight about the industry with a strong track record of assisting many of the leading organizations that engage in marine commerce. Our maritime lawyers help our clients anticipate challenges before they surface while assisting with day-to-day operational matters in coastal, inland and ocean freight transport through the proper application of transport and maritime law.

A legacy player in the marine industry, our maritime lawyers represented the consortium of users that organized and formed the St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation in the commercialization of the management and operations of the Seaway. We routinely work with shippers, ship owners and charter parties, suppliers of marine equipment, lenders and government agencies. We work on the regulatory and public policy aspects of marine law and handle commercial and regulatory dispute resolution.

McMillan professionals help clients lead by:

  • Representing clients in commercial and regulatory disputes
  • Comparative legal and economic analysis
  • Advising on contracts of affreightment and cargo claims
  • Advising on the transportation of dangerous goods
  • Negotiating the supply and financing of marine equipment and services
  • Advising on bills of lading and the liability of carriers for damage to goods
  • Securing insurance coverage and negotiating or litigating claims
  • Advising on environmental compliance, claims and remediation
  • Assisting with the importation of non-Canadian vessels into Canada and coasting trade waivers and duty remission
  • Advising on the purchase, sale and mortgaging of ships
  • Advising with respect to the arrest of vessels and cargoes
  • Advising in fisheries matters, including administrative and criminal claims and charges