shipyard for Logistic
shipyard for Logistic


With an export-driven economy, marine transportation is a vital part of Canada’s economy. Marine transportation, including the acquisition, use and operation of ships, is affected by regional, national and international regulations.  The marine industry is one that is constantly changing due to changing economics and technological innovation so it is important to stay on top of emerging trends and issues.  McMillan’s expertise in maritime and transport law helps ship owners, charterers, suppliers and other marine operators navigate these complex matters.

We combine strategic foresight about the industry with a strong track-record of assisting many leading organizations that engage in marine commerce. Our lawyers anticipate challenges before they surface and assist our clients with day-to-day operational matters in the maritime sector.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Purchase and sale of vessels and marine assets;
  • Negotiating ship financing agreements;
  • Ship registration and importation of non-Canadian vessels into Canada;
  • Negotiating ship construction contracts.