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Innovators intent on succeeding in the ever-changing automotive landscape are forging new ground amid increased environmental regulation, automation and rising geopolitical tensions. McMillan’s automotive and transportation industry lawyers have a depth of expertise providing a range of business law services and work across all areas that govern the industry from competition and regulation to finance, litigation and mergers and acquisitions.

Our automotive and transportation industry lawyers help companies across the automotive sector anticipate and survive disruption, forge new ground, keep up with changing consumer demands, and deal with potential safety issues. We work throughout the automotive supply chain, assisting manufacturers, suppliers, finance companies and other automotive-related businesses to succeed in this highly competitive space.

McMillan’s automotive and transportation lawyers help automotive finance companies and other lenders navigate increasingly complex legal and government regulatory requirements, and consult on business structure and strategy, taxation, trade, real estate and employment matters.

Our automotive legal experts provide strategic advice on acquisitions and divestitures and intellectual property matters. We ensure suppliers’ purchase and sale conditions, including warranties, comply with regulations and good commercial practice. We also successfully negotiate, renegotiate and, if necessary, litigate a wide variety of business arrangements, as well as settlements with downstream suppliers, lenders and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Should circumstances arise by manufacturing defects or product recalls, McMillan’s automotive experts are known for their litigation and dispute resolution skills.


With the majority of North American consumers financing or leasing their vehicles, auto finance is a critical component of any successful program for marketing vehicles to consumers.

McMillan’s automotive industry lawyers help automotive financing companies and other lenders  comply with increasingly complex legal requirements and government regulations, including those related to financial services, privacy and consumer protection. We assist in the establishment and maintenance of retail and wholesale finance programs, draft financing contracts and related forms and advise on the securitization of auto leases and loans. Our lawyers also help establish and document commercial paper programs, private placement financing and lines of credit with banks and other financial institutions.


McMillan’s automotive manufacturing industry lawyers work with many leading automobile manufacturers and distributors to help them anticipate and manage the legal and regulatory impacts of the evolving Canadian and global automotive landscape.

We combine our broad business law and advocacy skills and specialist industry know-how to help automotive clients navigate their day-to-day issues and chart a long-term path to success. In particular, we help our clients lead by assisting with the establishment of Canadian operations and distribution networks; advising on business structure and strategy, after-market protection products, taxation, trade, real estate and employment matters; negotiating supplier agreements, administration agreements, commercial contracts and related matters; defending against product liability claims, including class actions, and advising on product liability risk management; and litigating disputes involving supplier or distributor contracts, intellectual property and competition issues.


Innovative original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are pursuing global manufacturing strategies and implementing non-traditional supplier relationship programs, necessitating the counsel of lawyers who understand the supply chain and can devise legal strategies to protect commercial interests.

McMillan LLP’s automotive supply chain lawyers are experienced in navigating potential issues that can surface in any given contractual arrangement. With expertise in the domestic and international laws and regulations governing the global supply chain, we helps our automotive supply chain clients lead by drafting, reviewing and renegotiating contract terms and conditions for a wide variety of commercial arrangements; ensuring purchase and sale conditions comply with regulations and good commercial practice; negotiating settlements and litigating disputes with downstream suppliers, lenders and OEMs; and advising on supplier insolvency issues and developing practical solutions to potential disruptions in the supply chain.


Today’s car dealerships must comply with myriad laws governing everything from competition to employment to marketing. McMillan’s automotive industry lawyers advise on dealer franchise agreements and resolving manufacturer-franchise disputes; assist with the development and review of dealer sales, leasing and service agreements; consult on regulatory compliance matters; advise on insurance, tax and employment laws for car dealerships; and assist with mergers, acquisitions and divestitures including related tax, estate and succession planning.

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John Clifford

Partner, Business Law | Mergers & Acquisitions | Chief Client Officer

Timothy Cullen

Partner, Government & Public Policy | Litigation & Dispute Resolution

W. Brad Hanna, FClArb.

Partner, Corporate Commercial Litigation

Lisa Parliament

Partner, Class Actions | Product Liability & Regulation


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