Chess pieces standing on a digital tablet
Chess pieces standing on a digital tablet

In today’s exceptionally competitive and complex business landscape, wherein disputes can arise over myriad issues, business leaders and in-house corporate counsel turn to McMillan’s business litigation attorneys to provide astute legal counsel on how to address commercial and business discord.

A highly reputed international business litigation law firm, McMillan’s commercial litigators have a well-earned reputation for consistently assessing risk and opportunities and weighing options with the client. McMillan’s commercial litigation lawyers join forces with our industry specialists in competition, intellectual property, real estate, securities and other areas to deliver a complete solution – no matter the nature of your corporate or commercial dispute.

Canadian and international business leaders recognize our commercial litigation lawyers for their creativity and effectiveness in bringing disputes to a satisfactory conclusion, both inside and outside the courts. We understand that commercial and corporate litigation is not always the preferred option, so we help clients pursue a full range of resolution avenues, including early negotiated settlements and alternative dispute resolution methods.  If we proceed to court, our business litigation lawyers are prepared to vigorously advance our clients’ commercial interests in front of the courts.

As a leading Canadian corporate commercial litigation firm, McMillan helps clients maintain their focus on business growth by litigating and resolving contract disputes, partnership disputes, shareholder disputes, banking issues and/or bankruptcy and insolvency issues. We also successfully defend our commercial clients in class action lawsuits to preserve their reputation and brand value.

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Brett G. Harrison
Partner, Litigation & Dispute Resolution | Restructuring & Insolvency
Jeffrey Levine
Partner, Corporate Commercial Litigation
Shea Coulson
Partner, Litigation & Dispute Resolution
W. Brad Hanna, FClArb.
Partner, Corporate Commercial Litigation

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