The gear parts of the automotive transmission.
The gear parts of the automotive transmission.


As environmentalists demand the evolution or banning of carbon-based products, retail is bulldozed by online shopping, and manual labourers are replaced by machines, manufacturing, distribution and retail are faced with an intense challenge – reinvent themselves or cease to exist. McMillan LLP lawyers enable manufacturing, distribution and retail leaders intent on surviving these challenges to move forward with new brands, products and services that meet and exceed changing consumer demands. Our lawyers work with some of the world’s leading retail brands in CPG, chemicals, industrial, automotive products and cannabis, as well as retailers and distributors in these markets. We help our clients contend with a myriad of competitive and economic pressures and minimize the cost and time associated with the production lifecycle through legal management of the supply chain.

McMillan’s manufacturing, distribution and retail lawyers are well-equipped to properly predict, evaluate and address any legal challenge or hurdle. Our patent and trademark lawyers help protect manufacturers’ most valuable asset – their intellectual property.

McMillan lawyers have guided many clients through seismic shifts that have changed the manufacturing industry, such as moving manufacturing to lower-cost offshore centres, vertical integration, and innovations in supply chain processes. On the sales side, we specialize in competition, trade and regulatory matters, as well as mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, spin-offs and brand extensions. McMillan also has seasoned experts in franchise law, and lawyers who can draft and enforce supply and distribution agreements – when selling to mass and scale.

As manual labourers are replaced by machines, and the space for middle and senior management tightens, McMillan labour lawyers also help manufacturers, distributors and retailers navigate stressful situations. McMillan routinely advises clients on employing and managing workers, including complying with provincial and federal employment laws, executive compensation, taxes, pensions, developing and maintaining employee policies, as well as dealing with employee issues through litigation, arbitration and mediation.

When labour issues arise, particularly in the case of litigation or arbitration, human rights, harassment or discrimination, the repercussions can be far-reaching for the individual and negatively affect the organization, its reputation, brand and financial performance. McMillan’s labour lawyers use their knowledge of the law to help manufacturing, distribution centres and processing plants bring reputation-threatening labour action to a close. If necessary, we handle these circumstances via litigation and dispute resolution, before decreased production sales ensue.

In today’s competitive economy, manufacturing, distribution and retail are all under more pressure than ever to reinvent themselves and stay afloat. Amidst this, McMillan manufacturing, distribution processing & retail sales lawyers are the reputed, trustworthy, steady legal hand you need. Get in touch.

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