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Entertainment is an industry with global reach and impact. Consumers have a myriad of entertainment options and delivery channels, and so, it is important to cater to the competitive market. McMillan’s industry experts are focused on protecting our clients’ commercial interests while helping them share their creative work with a broader audience.

At McMillan, we understand that, while regulations are local, technology makes entertainment a global business. Our goal is to help clients work profitably in a complex global web of regulatory and legal jurisdictions. Our clients have included some of the world’s leading film studios, television networks, cable operators, production and distribution companies, and artists themselves.

McMillan’s Media, Communications and Entertainment Industry Group understand both the art and business of entertainment. Among the ways that we serve our clients is by helping to secure financing; representing clients before regulatory tribunals such as the Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission; developing intellectual property and licensing agreements; advising non-Canadian companies on transactions subject to the Investment Canada Act; developing strategies to secure tax credits and grants; representing clients in litigation and other dispute resolution proceedings; advising on acquisitions, mergers or divestitures; and negotiating contracts for performing artists, endorsements and record production arrangements.


Developing technologies and delivery channels have made the media industry global. Mobile devices enable consumers to access content wherever they are, whenever they wish. Media companies need to work with a law firm that understands the industry and the trends that are moving it into the future.

McMillan’s Media, Communications and Entertainment Industry Group helps media clients adapt to the evolving marketplace. We help our clients by understanding the pace of change in this industry and regularly working with the business leaders, regulators and decision makers. We work with a wide range of television and radio networks, specialty television services, satellite broadcasters and publishing companies to help them run their day-to-day operations profitably, while anticipating the challenges and opportunities of the future.

Among the ways McMillan lawyers serve our clients is by representing them before regulators such as the Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission; advising on intellectual property matters; representing clients in defamation and libel proceedings; counseling clients on foreign ownership rules and other competition matters; advocating for legislative or policy changes, including copyright, competition, antitrust and foreign ownership issues; advising on mergers, acquisitions and divestitures; assisting with operational matters such as employment, real estate, corporate and commercial contracts, and tax matters


Telecommunications and the media industry have fundamentally changed, with the consumption of digital content and daily online communication becoming a mainstay in most people’s lives McMillan’s telecommunications lawyers provide a wide range of legal services to help telecommunications companies meet the demands of the continually changing telecommunications landscape. We have deep industry experience assisting clients on a full range of issues, including acquisitions and sales, corporate reorganizations, regulatory matters, licensing, and industry-specific commercial arrangements.

In particular, McMillan’s telecommunications lawyers and professionals help clients lead by advising on regulation and licensing matters; providing Canadian regulatory advice regarding Canadian and US public offerings and cross-border financings for Canadian and multinational telecommunications service providers; negotiating and preparing telecommunications-related agreements and contracts; making submissions to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) and the Competition Bureau regarding telecommunications resale and telephone company activities; acting on mergers, acquisitions and divestitures of telecommunications service providers; advising on domestic and international telecommunications resale rules; and acting for owners of television and radio stations in regulatory and competition matters.

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