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Exploring Extraterritoriality: Do You Need a Physical Presence for Privacy Laws to Apply?

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Join privacy lawyers from McMillan and Kochhar & Co, leading business law firms in Canada and India respectively, for an international webinar about the extraterritorial application of privacy laws in each of their jurisdictions. Can organizations without a facility or employees in Canada or India be subject to local privacy legislation? This is a must-watch program for organizations doing business in either (or both!) of these countries.

CPD: For legal practitioners, this program qualifies for up to 1 hour of Substantive CPD (ON), 1 hour of CPD (BC), and 1 hour of CLE (QC).

Date and Time
Wednesday, March 6, 2024
12:00 pm – 1:00 pm ET

Agenda and Speakers

Connecting the Dots: Demystifying the Application of Canadian Privacy Laws to Foreign Organizations
Kristen Pennington, McMillan

Spoiler alert: organizations do not need a physical presence in Canada to be subject to Canadian privacy laws – and, in some cases, more than one law! This session will explore when federal private sector privacy legislation, and substantially similar provincial legislation in Alberta, British Columbia and Quebec, can apply to foreign organizations, as well as some key implications of being subject to these laws.

Key Aspects of India’s New Data Privacy Law
Stephen Mathias, Kochhar & Co.

Join this session to learn about India’s new privacy law – which organizations may be subject to the law, what are some of the new obligations it will impose, and how can foreign entities prepare for its coming into force? Given the potentially steep penalties for non-compliance, this is an overview of new legal restrictions and requirements in India that you do not want to miss!

Q&A Session

Concluding Remarks

For more information and to RSVP to this webinar, please contact [email protected].

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