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Andjela Sabet
Counsel, Capital Markets & Securities
Location Vancouver envelopeandjela.sabet@mcmillan.ca Phone778.328.1491
Candy L. Saga
Counsel, Project Finance & P3 | Construction & Infrastructure
Location Vancouver envelopecandy.saga@mcmillan.ca Phone604.691.7459
Maria Sagan
Partner, Financial Services
Location Toronto envelopemaria.sagan@mcmillan.ca Phone416.865.7851
Preet Saini
Associate, Litigation & Dispute Resolution
Location Calgary envelopepreet.saini@mcmillan.ca Phone403.531.4716
Caroline Samara
Partner, Business Law | Mergers & Acquisitions
Location Toronto envelopecaroline.samara@mcmillan.ca Phone416.865.7060
Sasha Samardzija
Associate, Commercial Real Estate
Location Toronto envelopesasha.samardzija@mcmillan.ca Phone416.865.7075
Valenteena Samra
Associate, Capital Markets & Securities
Location Toronto envelopevalenteena.samra@mcmillan.ca Phone416.945.8009
Cynthia Sargeant
Partner, Capital Markets & Securities
Location Toronto envelopecynthia.sargeant@mcmillan.ca Phone416.865.7244
Ilana Schrager
Director, Professional Resources
Location Vancouver Calgary envelopeilana.schrager@mcmillan.ca Phone604.484.1132
Meghan Schwan
Associate, Commercial Real Estate
Location Toronto envelopemeghan.schwan@mcmillan.ca Phone416.865.7089
Charlotte Scott
Associate, Business Law
Location Toronto envelopecharlotte.scott@mcmillan.ca Phone416.865.7174
Vien Seneyavong
Location Vancouver envelopevien.seneyavong@Mcmillan.ca Phone236.826.3065
Sareena Seto
Location Calgary envelopesareena.seto@mcmillan.ca Phone403.531.4726
Michael Shannon
Partner, Capital Markets & Securities
Location Vancouver envelopemichael.shannon@mcmillan.ca Phone604.893.7638
Patty Shao
Director, China Operations & Business Development
Location Hong Kong envelopepatty.shao@mcmillan.ca Phone852.2218.7415
Kristen Shaw
Associate, Employment & Labour Relations
Location Vancouver envelopekristen.shaw@mcmillan.ca Phone604.691.7480
Arsen Shirokov
Director, Information Governance & Security
Location Toronto envelopearsen.shirokov@mcmillan.ca Phone416.865.7910
Robert Shore
Partner, Commercial Real Estate
Location Toronto enveloperobert.shore@mcmillan.ca Phone416.865.7881
Daniel Shouldice
Partner, Litigation & Dispute Resolution
Location Vancouver envelopedaniel.shouldice@mcmillan.ca Phone604.691.6858
Seema Sidhu
Articling Student
Location Toronto envelopeseema.sidhu@mcmillan.ca Phone647.943.9150
Jeffrey B. Simpson
Counsel, Litigation & Dispute Resolution
Location Toronto envelopejeffrey.simpson@mcmillan.ca Phone416.307.4011
Cole Singleton
Articling Student
Location Toronto envelopecole.singleton@mcmillan.ca Phone416.943.9149
Megan Singleton
Corporate Search Clerk
Location Toronto envelopemegan.singleton@mcmillan.ca Phone416.865.7104
Steven Sitcoff
Partner, Tax
Location Montréal envelopesteven.sitcoff@mcmillan.ca Phone514.987.5085
Mark Skwarok
Counsel, Capital Markets & Securities
Location Vancouver envelopemark.skwarok@mcmillan.ca Phone604.691.7435
David E. Slan
Partner, Commercial Real Estate
Location Toronto envelopedavid.slan@mcmillan.ca Phone416.865.7069
Kyle Smith
Articling Student
Location Vancouver envelopekyle.smith@mcmillan.ca Phone604.893.2329
Dorota Smolarz
Law Clerk
Location Toronto envelopedorota.smolarz@mcmillan.ca Phone416.865.7229
Victoria Snook
Director, Law Clerks and Paralegals
Location Toronto envelopevictoria.snook@mcmillan.ca Phone416.865.7001
Esther E.J. Sohn
Counsel, Financial Services
Location Vancouver envelopeesther.sohn@mcmillan.ca Phone604.893.2349
Tiffany Soucy
Director, Professional Resources
Location Toronto envelopetiffany.soucy@mcmillan.ca Phone416.865.7812
Melissa Spano
Associate, Commercial Real Estate
Location Toronto envelopemelissa.spano@mcmillan.ca Phone416.865.7234
Andrew Spencer
Partner, Capital Markets & Securities
Location Vancouver envelopeAndrew.Spencer@mcmillan.ca Phone604.893.7634
Andrew E. Stead
Partner, Litigation & Dispute Resolution
Location Calgary envelopeandrew.stead@mcmillan.ca Phone403.531.8748
Brett Stewart
Partner, Mergers & Acquisitions | Private Equity & Venture Capital | Chair of the Risk and Finance Committee
Location Toronto envelopebrett.stewart@mcmillan.ca Phone416.865.7115
Andrew Stirling
Partner, Tax
Location Toronto envelopeandrew.stirling@mcmillan.ca Phone416.865.7813
Sarah Stirling-Moffet
Associate, Competition, Antitrust & Foreign Investment
Location Toronto envelopesarah.stirling-moffet@mcmillan.ca Phone416.945.8025
Jacob Stucken
Associate, Commercial Real Estate
Location Calgary envelopejacob.stucken@mcmillan.ca Phone403.531.8731
Lucia Stuhldreier
Partner, Transportation
Location Vancouver envelopelucia.stuhldreier@mcmillan.ca Phone604.691.7431
James Sutcliffe
Partner, Financial Services
Location Vancouver envelopejames.sutcliffe@mcmillan.ca Phone604.893.2317
Kailey Sutton
Associate, Construction & Infrastructure | Municipal, Land Use Planning & Development
Location Toronto envelopekailey.sutton@mcmillan.ca Phone416.945.8008